Wise Girl Workshops

Welcome to Wise Girl Workshops! Check out both pages of this flier for all the details and call with any questions or to sign your Wise Girl up!

5 Awesome and Important Things You Should Know About WGW

  1. Do not be surprised if you have a ton of fun and want the workshop to continue forever.  It happens, like every time, to just about everyone.
  2. There is a limit of 6 girls for each group, so sign up early.  These things fill fast!
  3. The reason there are not more than 6 girls in each workshop is so everyone feels really included, feels heard, and gets individualized and personal attention.
  4. This workshop is not a therapy group.  While Sierra Dator is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private practice, her role in this workshop is as facilitator and not as therapist.  If Sierra feels you could benefit from therapy, she may contact you and the adult responsible for you to discuss concerns and referrals.
  5. Your may be subjected to jokes that are so awful they are funny.