“Mom, I Don’t Feel Good!”

Anxiety is a tricky, tricky feeling.  It can come out of what seems like nowhere.  It can hang for a few moments or an entire day.  It can keep you up at night or wake you out of a dead sleep.

Anxiety can make you feel physical pain.  It can make you feel so sick you cannot go to school or work.  It can prevent people from driving.  It can be at the root of someone’s addiction.

Anxiety can make it difficult to connect with others.  It can eat someone up inside.  It can hold on so tight, you wonder if it will ever let go.

The Anxiety and Depression Institute of America states 1 out of every 8 children suffer from anxiety, and it also affects 40 million adults in the U.S.  They also note it is the most prevalent mental disorder and also the most treatable.

This is good news, if you realize what you got and how to get help.  One of the challenging pieces is just that.

Anxiety can hide within other symptoms and not be as clear cut as one may think.  I have seen children present with what is thought to be ADHD come to find out they are wrestling with anxiety.  With the proper identification and treatment, symptoms can improve.

Children and teens will also often present with physical symptoms.  Headaches, tummy aches, leg pain, or a general sense of not feeling good.  Their complaints are real but the cause of them are different than they may expect.  It is important for your child to get checked out by a doctor if physical complaints are present to rule out any serious medical problems.

So what is the best treatment?  Therapy, nutrition, yoga, herbal supplements, medication, acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, meditation and other stress reducing techniques can all be helpful.  You need to find the best combination that works for you or your child.

Please remember healing takes effort and time, but it is possible.  Now that is a relief!