Tween Girls Open Their Hearts

http://Dream a Little Dream - CompleteWhat do you get when you mix a therapist in with a group of tween girl scouts? A lot of art, laughter, tears, and talking. Last Friday I had the honor of meeting with a local girl scout troop to address issues of friendship.

These girls were ready to talk. Before we even went around and introduced ourselves, questions about what we would be doing and a desire to talk about things happening between group members were pushed to the forefront.

With introductions made, group rules set, and art supplies at their fingertips, the girls began to create what lies in their hearts. From important people and pets to happy and sad memories, the girls opened up about what lives inside. Everyone wanted to share something about their life experiences, especially those like the death of a relative, pet, or people they missed.

Tears were shed and support was given to one another. Then the therapist in me pulled it all together and inquired about ways they have gotten their hearts broken by the group, what they can do if they are seeing someone get their heart broken, and what they can do if someone is breaking their’s.

What struck me most was how willing and eager these beautiful girls were to share. While they have a relationship with one another already, they were able to be vulnerable with one another and risk connecting in a different way.

When all was said and done, the girls busted open the door to their troop mother’s on the other side and bounded down the stairs with laughter and lighter hearts. The outpouring of thanks from the girls themselves created such a joy and appreciation within me for who they are and their experiences.

I am so lucky to do the work I do!  If you are looking for a group speaker for an event and think I might be a good fit, please feel free to contact me. I love giving to our close knit community, one heart at a time!