Since I was child, faith has been a part of my life.  Either an abundance of, a questioning of, or a lack of, faith in God and what is above all else has been on mind.

I continue to take a deep look inside myself and in faith around me.  From others, I learn from their journeys, certainties, and uncertainties.  I am continually amazed at how my mind can be so set in one way and then shift to new thinking and questions.

By Joe Wolf4September2011

By Joe Wolf

At times I am so grounded in my faith, nothing could shake it.  And at others, I am so uncertain.  I long to just know.

This curiosity has led me to read and study.  I find excitement and knowing, then disappointment and unanswered questions.

I know I am not alone in this wavering.  Back and forth, round and round.  Just when I feel so set, the wind blows, and I am left once again searching.  I am hungry for answers and relish in the ability to think about possibilities.

As the days pass and I become more aware, I find myself wondering what I will feel and know in a year or ten.  I look forward to the unveiling and ultimately hope in the face of the day to day struggles that surround us all, the knowing will become clear and in peace I will live and rest.