Quick Fix

15290127002_7507a74efb_mOn a Sunday morning, you will typically find me somewhere delving into spirituality in some capacity.  More recently, I joined a meditation class taught by a dear friend of mine.

While I had been a devoted Yogi for many years pre-kid and a sweat lodge goer in between, a formal meditation class was something new.

I wasn’t sure what to expect so I grabbed a few of my girls and settled into the car for a jaunt down the 101.

As we entered the studio what transpired wasn’t too unfamiliar.  We focused on different places in the body and gathered our attention back to focus when it drifted. Upon opening my eyes, I consistently felt lighter and clearer.

If you have worked with me before, you may know guided imagery is a tool I use in my practice.  I thoroughly enjoy taking people on a mental journey using the breath and body to connect with something deeper than the buzz of the outside world.

In our fast paced society, so often we just want to get there.  We want results and move away from the process, which is often much more important than the end result anyway.  And through the process we find much of the time we get results we didn’t even know were possible.

This line of thinking is also a reminder of what therapy is like.  So many people want to be fixed fast.  Get quick results.  The reality is it can often take time to unravel the defenses and get in touch with what lives inside.

We cannot meditate 3 times and feel we will never need to do it again to settle us down, nor can we trust 3 sessions of therapy is going provide us all with all the emotional answers to what ails us.

I will say this though, meditation and therapy can be a good start.  The work we can do to get in touch with the deeper part of ourselves is certainly worth it if we are in a place to go there.


I step outside of my comfort zone and take in what is offered to me.