I have had the opportunity to witness the most tender side another human being has to offer.  Where they get touched so deeply in their heart, a look of humility tends to their face, and an acknowledgement occurs.  This is a place where healing happens.

It is in these moments the work is happening.  And I believe it works because of the relationship WE have created together.  Without the relationship, we can never get to this place.  The recipe is building a relationship, building trust, and then time.

Therapy takes time.  This place within us is not to be rushed to.  We need to trust whoever we take to this place will be able to sit in this feeling with us.  To see what is really there. To see a piece of who we really are.  To be gentle with us.

We can quantify certain aspects of the human condition and come up with scientific based approaches for certain symptoms.  I am convinced though that the human spirit is unquantifiable and is more than science could ever show us.

I am grateful daily for the work I do and for those who allow me to enter into those dark caverns of their heart and mind and explore together.  


5 Tips for High School Teen Success

    1. Show up to class….everyday.  I know class can be boring and you have better things to teen girl in white tank top and jeans standing in front of oceando with your time.  But falling behind can lead to a never ending tunnel of doom.  Many concepts build on one another, so if you miss one thing, it may be hard to catch up.  Plus you can become an eye sore in the eyes of your teacher, who would be better to have as an ally than an enemy. 
    1. Get some sleep.  Transitioning back to school is tough, especially if you are someone who was going to bed in the morning and waking up in the late afternoon.  Being exhausted at school can make it feel extra dreadful.  Aim for at least 7-8 hours, if not more, of sleep.
    1. Eat during the day.  I know there was a time in junior high when it felt uncool to eat but it’s high school now and your brain needs fuel.  Try and eat something small yet substantial every 2-3 hours.  Almonds, granola bar, yogurt, etc.  It will not only help your ability to sustain attention but can also keep your mood more positive. 
    1. Schedule yourself.  You can get overbooked with activities and things you want to do.  Make sure you have enough time to do not only the things you love but also the things you needs to.  You will feel accomplished when you got it all done and no one is on your back about it.
  1. Ask for help.  From friends, parents, teachers, friend’s parents, school counselor, family members, etc.  We all need support around academic, social, and interpersonal feelings and events that arise.  Use your support network to get relief, guidance, understanding, and clarity around whatever is ailing you.