#1 Reason Your Daughter Needs An Anxiety Toolkit

Is it because anxiety is plaguing our society?  No.

Is it because you have a history of anxiety in your family?  No.

It is because your child’s mind runs wild when she lays down to go to sleep, and she cannot seem to shut off her brain?  No.

Is it because your daughter perseverates on details like, “What if I don’t get invited, or I don’t get an A on this project?” and cannot let the thoughts go?  No.

While those are all good reasons you might consider an Anxiety Toolkit Workshop for your daughter from Wise Girls Workshops, that is not the primary reason your daughter needs one.


Everyone deals with anxiety.

You might be thinking, “What?  That’s it?”

And I am saying, “Yup, that’s it!”

You see anxiety can become apart of our life for a moment in a time or in a way that lingers.  Lingers for minutes, hours, days, weeks.

Either way, anxiety is a normal human emotion.  It shows up for everyone at times.  Who couldn’t benefit from learning tools to recognize the feeling for what it is, developing tools to help care for yourself, and having some time to practice those skills?

What a gift, right?!

There are some other benefits for developing an anxiety toolkit:

  • Your daughter will feel more in control of herself when anxiety takes hold and know she can care for herself.
  • She will have an awareness to help her understand what other emotions she is experiencing and have ways to manage them too.  Some tools are transferable to other emotions, not just anxiety.
  • Through Wise Girls Workshops group experience, kids will see they aren’t alone in terms of worrying and see many of their peers have similar fears.  This fact provides relief!
  • She will stop asking you to reassure her about things over and over and over and over….
  • Your daughter can recognize it in others and provide helpful support.
  • She will learn how feelings constantly change and while anxiety might feel big in the moment, we never get stuck in one feeling forever.

This anxiety toolkit business is good stuff, right?  Developing tools to cope with anxiety isn’t just for those who have a serious problem with anxiety.  We all need tools.  We all deal with it.  Everyone can benefit.