Wise Girl Workshops

Ready to grow your girl wiser? 

Wise Girl Workshops is a social-emotional-physical program for girls in 3rd-8th grades focused on making wise decisions, increasing self-esteem and confidence, developing healthy coping skills, and decreasing anxiety.  This program is not group therapy and is instead a forum for girls to come together and develop skills to help them along their way.

Wise Girl Workshops also teams up with certified personal trainer, Tina Parrish, to help girls develop solid knowledge around nutrition, movement, and body image for many of the workshops.  

No series is ever the same! All new activities, all new discussions, and a new mix of girls creates the perfect environment for growth, education, and fun!

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Please note this Workshop Series is not a therapy group. While Sierra Dator is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, her role in the workshops is as a facilitator and educator and not as a therapist.



8 Core Foundations Of Wise Girl Workshops

Developing Healthy Coping Skills

Let’s face it. Life is an egg carton of emotions and then some. The good, the bad, and everything in between, like embarrassment, shame, joy, excitement, depression, hurt, happiness…..

Some of these feelings are quite easy to cope with. I can cope with feeling ecstatic and over joyed quite easily. It’s those tougher feelings that require some work, like overwhelm and anxious.

This is why one of the Wise Girl Workshops Core Foundations is “Developing Healthy Coping Skills.” Girls need to learn healthy ways of coping because emotions happen everyday all day. If we can teach them how to cope young and normalizing human emotion within a network of their peers, my hope is your child’s likelihood of developing unhealthy ways of coping diminishes. Unhealthy ways like drug and alcohol use, bad relationships, self harm, negative self talk, and other hurtful behaviors go to the way side, while healthy ways like journaling, sharing your feelings with a loved one, listening to music, positive self talk, exercise, mindfulness practice, and reading (to name a few) come to the forefront. Who wouldn’t want that for their girl?

Increasing Self Esteem And Confidence

We all want the girls in our lives to feel good about who they are. We want them to be uninhibited, proud, confident, self loving kids that grow into thriving, successful, resilient, stable adults.
This want for girls is why Wise Girl Workshops weaves in “Self Esteem and Confidence” as one of the eight Core Foundations of the program. Low self esteem (the way you think and feel about yourself) and low confidence (the trust you have in yourself and your abilities) leads to negative thinking that spreads like wildfire. Girls are left feeling inadequate, unworthy, incapable, ugly, fat, stupid, and alone. These feelings and thoughts can get hardwired into the brain and perpetuate into adult life.

Do a quick google search and you will find the statistics astonishing. In fact, Dove conducted 3 studies in 2004, 2010, and 2016 looking at women and girls’ body confidence, and the results aren’t good, showing 85% of women and 79% of girls will chose not to attend important life activities if they aren’t feeling good about how they look, like trying out for a team or spending time with a loved one. They also report only 11% of girls feel good about describing themselves as beautiful.
These are devastating statistics and ones Tina and I are aiming to change with every girl that walks through the door.
The confidence and esteem we focus on at Wise Girl Workshops isn’t just on physical appearance, although we do have a whole Core Foundation on “Body Image.” Instead, we focus on the whole girl. Her strengths, personality, cool quirks, and developing a love for her entire being.