Wise Girl Workshops

Ready to grow your girl wiser? 

Wise Girl Workshops is a social-emotional program for girls in 4th-10th grades focused on making wise decisions, increasing self-esteem and confidence, developing healthy coping skills, and decreasing anxiety.  This program is not group therapy and is instead a forum for girls to come together and develop skills to help them along their way.

Wise Girl Workshops also teams up with certified personal trainer, Tina Parrish, to help girls develop some solid knowledge around nutrition, movement, and body image.

No series is ever the same! All new activities, all new discussions, and a new mix of girls creates the perfect environment for growth, education, and fun!

You do not have to be a part of Part I or II of this series in order to join Part III. However, being a part of the series prior gives your girl priority enrollment to continue with the next series.  




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Please note this Workshop Series is not a therapy group. While Sierra Dator is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, her role in the workshops is as a facilitator and educator and not as a therapist.