VIRTUAL/IN PERSON Summer Wise Girl Workshops

4 girls with backs turned towards camera making heart shapes with their arms

1. Do you want your girl to have fun this summer?

2. Do you want her to thrive emotionally and make new friends?

3. Do you want her to learn healthy ways of coping?

4. Do you want her to develop a fitness routine and be educated on health and nutrition?

Us too!  We want to give her the best tools to support herself socially, emotionally, and physically.  Wise Girl Workshops is offering the perfect toolkits ALL VIRTUALLY FOR JUNE and IN PERSON FOR JULY this summer to keep your girl supported and growing in the right direction.  We have successfully been running online workshops since the beginning of COVID-19 and will do so until July where we can get the backyard ready for social distancing and the bathrooms extra sanitized to keep your girl safe.

This quarantine has been tough and the uncertainty and loss is piling up.  But here’s the catch, your girl doesn’t have to miss out on it all this summer.  That’s where Wise Girl Workshops comes in.  We are continuing to step it up to help girls develop solid skills, get moving, make new friends, and cover the 8 core foundations of the program through our summer offerings.

Each day of the program we will be providing a social/emotional component lead by Sierra Dator, owner and founder of Wise Girl Workshops, and a fitness/nutrition component with Tina Parrish, certified personal trainer. 

July In Person Workshops

As an essential worker, I am looking forward to hosting your girls at my office backyard. If for any reason, we feel it is unsafe to meet together in person, all workshops will move to a secure online forum. You can be sure her safety is in mind, with a maximum of 8 participants for these toolkits.

About Wise Girl Workshops

Wise Girl Workshops is a social-emotional-physical program for girls in 3rd-8th grades focused on making wise decisions, increasing self-esteem and confidence, developing healthy coping skills, and decreasing anxiety.  This program is not group therapy and is instead a forum for girls to come together and develop skills to help them along their way. While Sierra Dator is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, her role in the workshops is as a facilitator and educator and not as a therapist.

Have questions? Please feel free to contact me here.