Child and Teen Therapy

Children are amazing to watch grow.  We hope they start life feeling free and uninhibited.  They laugh.  They sing.  They dance.  They point out wonders of the world.  Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, things can take a turn and go in directions parents and caregivers never thought they would.  Happy children can become depressed, anxious, lost, lonely, and heartbroken.  Where did my once vibrant child go?  Where is their happiness?  Where is their ability to connect with me and all those who love them?  It can help to have a therapist work with them to build on their strengths and reawaken the beautiful child they all have within.  Also, having an outside voice to mediate and help identify what is going on for the child, teen, and family can have an amazing impact on moving things forward, back to a sense of peace and balance.

I have worked with children and teens for over 19 years.  For every child I had the pleasure of helping, there was a family who also benefited from my work.  A change in one creates a ripple effect, to where others around them begin to feel and see a positive outcome.

Specialties Offered:

Increasing Self-Esteem
Social Skill Development
Healthy Coping Skills
Sexual Health
Substance Use/Abuse
Parenting Strategies

Orientations Used:

Eclectic Approach
Cognitive Behavioral  (CBT)
Family Systems
Sand Tray
Play Therapy
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy