Young Adult

Being a young adult poses some unique challenges.  Many questions around what’s next and where you fit come up as well as self-esteem and relationships.  And relationships means a whole host of things:  relationship with parents and relatives, high school friends, new friends, intimate relationships, sexual relationships, work relationships, and the relationship you have with yourself. Then there are the relationships with social networking sites that tap into a batch of insecurities like, “Is that for real?  Am I as (whatever adjective) as so and so?  Life looks so amazing for so and so.  What’s wrong with me?”

Despite all the things that can get you down, being a young adult can be one of the greatest times of your life.  Therapy can help tap into what you may be overlooking inside of yourself and pull out the strength that is innate in each one of us to create the life we desire.

If you are dealing with difficulties adjusting to this time of your life and/or are feeling depressed, anxious, or down on yourself, I encourage you to give me a call to see if working with me could be of help.